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Quick pronunciation + Conversation


The course is composed by 5 modules

Each module has a specific pronunciation purpose:

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Diphthongs
  • Homographs
  • Phonetic Alphabet

Price and Timing

Each module lasts 2 hours

€ 35/hour

Total Course: € 350

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The Course

This course is for people who already speak Italian but would like to improve their accent and want their friend and colleagues to understand them clearly. With this course we will afford the sounds and word stresses that foreigners have the most trouble with.

The course is composed by short forms which will lead you through vowels, consonant and difficult sounds
We will also focus on the syllables need stress on them, in order to put the emphasis on the right syllable.

Once you’ve gone through all parts, and have practiced them well, you will definitely notice improvements and see that you’ve reached your goals and can feel good about your speech.

And remember the more you practice, the faster you’ll have the results you want.

Need to improve your basic Italian knowledge?

You can choose a Combo Course:


The grammar lessons will help you to improve your basic Italian knowledge. Each lesson

will be focused to give you the skills in the specific environment.

10 hours QP course + 8 hours Grammar lessons

QP lesson: € 20/hour = € 200


Grammar lessons: € 25/hour = € 200

Total combo course: € 400 – Discount: € 370

Contact me for more info or for a free trial lesson with me to discuss your Italian language goals and learning style.

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