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I Cook Italian

Price and Timing

Each module lasts 2 hours

€ 25/hour

Total Course: € 500

The Course

Are you ready to fulfill your kitchen with typical Italian smell recipes?

Food is very important for us and you know why?
Because it is a matter of love and passion, but above all is a matter of family and traditions.

This is an authentic Italian cooking course and eating experience in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Your home.

It will be delightful for your eyes and taste.
You will have the chance to cook and taste our typical dishes and enjoy Italy as Italians do.

Lessons will be on Skype and you will learn the essential technique to create a typical italian meal and will be gridded through different lessons learning how to cook italian classics.


The course is composed by 10 modules.

First course-  4 dishes:

  • Carbonara
  • Spaghetti allo scoglio
    Seafood Spaghetti
  • Pappardelle con salsiccia e porri
    Pasta with sausage and leeks
  • Paccheri al sugo di calamari
    Pasta with Squid Sauce

Second course – 3 dishes:

  • Saltimbocca alla romana
  • Polpette al sugo
    Meatball with sauce
  • Orata al cartoccio
    Sea bream wrapped in cooking foil

Side dish – 3 dishes:

  • Zucchine alla scapece
  • Fiori di zucca fritti
    Fried Zucchini Blossoms
  • Peperoni al forno con capperi e olive
    Roasted peppers with capers and olives

The cooking modules can be revised on the basis of your need or curiosity. For example if you want to cook that delicious dish you ate once in Italy or the one you have always wanted to taste but you never had the chance to.

For each meal I will explain you our Italian traditions and background linked to that meal so that you’ll be able to totally dive into our mood and lifestyle.

Need to improve your basic Italian knowledge?

You can choose a Combo Course:


The grammar lessons will help you to improve your basic Italian knowledge. Each lesson will be focused to give you the skills in the specific environment.

20 hours IC course + 8 hours Grammar lessons

ICOOK lesson: € 25/hour = € 500


Grammar lessons: € 25/hour = € 200

Total combo course: € 700 – Discount: € 660


20 hours IC + 8 hours Grammar lessons + 2 hours Quick Pronunciation

The grammar lesson will help you to improve your basic Italian knowledge. Each lesson will be focused to give you the skills in the specific environment

The quick pronunciation lessons are based on fast tips that will help you to focus on speaking with greater clarity and confidence in order to improve your communication skills


ICOOK lesson: € 25/hour = € 500


Grammar lessons: € 25/hour = € 200


Quick pronunciation: € 20/hour = € 40

Total combo course: € 740 – Discount: € 690

Contact me for more info or for a free trial lesson with me to discuss your Italian language goals and learning style.

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