Add1Challenge Review

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This video is about Add1Challenge Review!

What is it? How does it work ? How much can be useful for you?

All participants in the Add1Challenge share one, singular goal:

Hold a fifteen minute conversation in Italian with a native speaker in 90 days during which they study Italian language


click on this link  Add1Challenge and get more information about it!



Which are the factors that make it simple to achieve?

Accountability and Community

Once you’ll enter in this community you’ll meet people with your same goal 

You’ll share with them your progress, your thoughts and your frustrations. And you’ll receive their feedback

You can’t leave them because they’re your team: This is the community’s strenght

If you want to be part of the Add1 community, you’ll have to pay a reasonable fee .

This is meant to separate the learners who want to learn Italian without a commitment from those who are truly “all-in ”.

Once in this Add1Challenge comunity you’ll share with other people your love for Italian language and your goals. How?

click on this link  Add1Challenge and get more information about it!

You can track your achievements:

On Days 0 you’ll really understand your Italian level

Every month, on Days 0, 30, 60 and 90 you will submit a short video of yourself speaking in Italian language

Every day, you will record your progress on the tracker. If you achieve your goal you write “Yes!” If not, you write “No”.

You can do the same for each week: you will record your progress on the tracker.

You’ll track your progress and share it with your friends

The study of a language is difficult. Some people choose to study iywith a teacher like my students others choose to study it by


click on this link  Add1Challenge and get more information about it!



So what to do when you’re stuck with a difficult grammar rule or your frustration?

Sometimes we are not able to see our progress because we don’t want to see it But when your track it day by day, week by week with the feedback of your community friends you won’t give up

The keyword for a new language study is : Never give up

The nicest thing is the final award! 

You can win a flight ticket toward the country of which you studied the language. In this case in Italy!

The best one can win a flight ticket toward Italy

Take note of these date!

  • 7th – 13th February: Pre launch opens. People who sign up now will be able to access the challenge at the discounted price of $97
  • 13th – 20th February: Normal sign up opens. People can sign up for $149 dollars
  • 27th February: Challenge starts 


click on this link  Add1Challenge and get more information about it!



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