Italian Expressions: Come due Gocce d’Acqua

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This video is about Italian Expressions!

In this italian video lesson I ‘ll teach you a typical and funny Italian expression. This is a lesson for people with an Intermediate level of italian language

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The Italian expression is : Come due Gocce d’Acqua

In English can be translated with: To be as like as two peas in a pod,  but there isn’t a literal translation of the term.


This expression is used to refer to two people who look like the same, which are almost identical!

Hence the expression “look like two drops of water” . This expression can be heard when talking about two people who are part of the same family such as two sisters or two brothers or cousins.

But why is it uses precisely this expression? Have you ever seen two drops of water?

The drops of water are the same, we could never make a distinction between a drop and another.


-You and your sister look the same, you are pretty much two  peas in a pod!

– But Marco is your cousin? I thought it was your brother, you guys look like two peas in a pod



In inglese la frase corrispondente può essere To be as like as two peas in a pod” Non esiste una traduzione letterale del termine.


Questa espressione viene utilizzata per riferisi a due persone che si assomigliano moltissimo, che sono quasi identiche, uguali!

Da qui l’espressione “assomigliarsi come due gocce d’acqua”.

Questa espressione potete sentirla quando si parla di due persone che fanno parte della stessa famiglia ad esempio due sorelle oppure due fratelli oppure due cugini. Ma perché si usa proprio quest’espressione?

Avete mai osservato due gocce d’acqua? Le gocce d’acqua sono uguali, non potremmo mai fare una distinzione tra una goccia e l’altra.


-Tu e tua sorella vi assomigliate molto, praticamente siete due gocce d’acqua!

– Ma Marco è tuo cugino? Pensavo fosse tuo fratello, sembrate due gocce d’acqua



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  1. “Two peas in a pod” does not always (maybe not even usually) mean the look alike. It can be they act alike, think alike and/are the same kind of people.


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