Learn Italian: Italian greetings & responses

Hi guys & welcome back to my blog!

This video is about something easy but very important

Italian greetings and responses!

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I decided to make this video on the basis of your replies to my posts.

Your comments are very kind, but sometimes, very incorrect! 

There are two ways to greet back: Informal way and Formal way


Informal way: Buona Domenica! 

  1. Grazie anche a te!
  2. Grazie altrettanto!
  3. Altrettanto a te!

Formal way: Buona giornata!

  1. Grazie anche a lei
  2. Grazie altrettanto!
  3. Altrettanto a lei!

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for Italian teacher. I moved to Puglia from Prague. How much do you charge per lesson? How many lessons you believe is needed to be able hold proper conversation if person is motivated to learn quick? Thank you.

    • Hi Salina! Thanks for your question! It’s about your initial level of italian, everyone has his own learning time so there is no a fixed number of lesson for this! Why don’t you book a free lesson with me? We’ll talk about it and you’ll see how I teach Italian to my student. Un abbraccio! Luana


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