5 Italian Figures of Speech

Hi guys & welcome back to my blog! 

Few months ago I filmed a video with a great youtuber Tom Txxytu who runs the website and the youtube channel TOM TXXYTU about 

 5  Italian figures of speech, the so called idiomatic expressions


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Italian figures of speech give you the chance to have a deeper connection with the italian culture of course, but above all to explain a situation with few words and in an easy way!

So here are the 5 expressions Tom and I went over in our video:

1. È inutile piangere sul latte versato
 – There’s no use crying over spilt milk

2 .Fare orecchie da mercante

– To turn a deaf ear/blind eye

3. Alzarsi con il piede sinistro

– To wake up on the wrong side of the bed

4. Avere l’argento vivo addosso

– To have ants in one’s pants
– To be bouncing off of the walls


5. Salvarsi per un pelo
– To get by the skin of one’s teeth
– To do something in the nick of time



You’ll find the video at this link !


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