Useful Italian phrases at the airport

Useful Italian phrases at the airport

Italian phrases airport

Hi guys! Are you already planning your next Italian trip? Last week I taught you How to book a flight in Italian, if you missed the post click here!  and in this post I’ll teach you useful Italian phrases at the airport!


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Where is  the departure gate? Do you prefer a window seat? When is boarding your flight? Read this post  and you’ll be sure to get on the plane safely and on time – in Italian – because you’ll know Italian words and phrases that will make your journey a lot more fun and enjoyable.


Useful italian words at the airport

Aeroporto – Airport
Entrata – Entrance
Uscita – Exit
Sala partenze – Departure Hall
Sala arrivi – Arrival Hall
Controllo passaporti – Customs
Porta d’imbarco  – Gate
Useful italian phrases at the airport: check in 
Quanto dura il volo? – How long is the flight?
Quanto dura la fermata? – How long is the stop over?
Servono un pasto caldo? – Will they serve a hot meal?
È il volo completo? – Is the flight very busy?
Ho bisogno di visto? – Do I need a visa?
Quanto è valido il visto? – How long is the visa valid for?
Quanti bagagli posso portare? – How many luggages can I take?
Posto finestrino – Window seat
Posto corridoio – Aisle seat
 Vorrei il posto finestrino per favore. – I would like to have a window seat, please
Vorrei il posto corridoio – I would like to have an aisle seat, please
Possible answers 
Deve essere al gate 15 minuti prima della partenza – You have to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure.
Purtroppo non abbiamo nessun posto finestrino disponibile – Unfortunately, we don’t have any window seats left.
Non ha bisogno di nessun visto  – You won’t need a visa.
Servono uno snack e la cena. – They will serve a cold snack and dinner.
Può portare solo un bagaglio a mano – You can only take one piece of hand luggage.
Il Suo bagaglio è troppo pesante  – Your luggage is too heavy

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