5 Unforgettable soundtracks of Ennio Morricone

Who doesn’t know this great artist? Today I want to talk to you about 5  unforgettable soundtrack of Ennio Morricone


Ennio Morricone (Rome, 1928) started as a trumpeter, but nowadays he is the composer of the most beautiful and memorable soundtracks in film history. At first his success came with  the spaghetti western genre, writing the music for the great masterpieces of Sergio Leone. In the 60s  he composed for many film genres, also working for Hollywood productions and in Italy his name was linked to the greatest film directors, from Pasolini to Bertolucci, up until the many  successful and golden collaborations with Giuseppe Tornatore. In 2007 he received the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement “for his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music” .

Here are 5 of his unforgettable soundtracks.




Per un pugno di dollari (1964) – Sergio Leone

This was the first collaboration highly successful partnership that would last a long time: the famous Western starring Clint Eastwood .  The film, set in a hot, passionate South Texas, has remained famous for both its atmosphere and its music. Despite the success, both of the film and the record, Morricone does not like it at all: apparently he considers it his worst score.





C'era una volta il west


C’era una volta il west (1968) – Sergio Leone

Starring Claudia Cardinale and Henry Fonda, this is another famous classic of the spaghetti western genre. The inspirational and  haunting music contributes to the greatness of the film and represents a true classic in film history. It is considered one of Morricone’s greatest compositions. Each main character has its own musical leitmotif and musical theme. 






1900 (1976) – Bernardo Bertolucci 

There’s an immense cast in this movie (Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu, Burt Lancaster, Donald Sutherland, Stefania Sandrelli, Laura Betti, Alida Valli) and it represents  another unforgettable masterpiece of  Morricone. The composer’s music match with the ups and downs events of  the protagonists of this great story.  Family affairs and the characters’ emotions are linked to the great transformations of the Italian history of the twentieth century.






Gli intoccabili (1987) – Brian De Palma

This movie had a phenomenal public success and anexceptional cast (Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Robert De Niro) . To the greatness of this movie contributed, without doubt, the musical power of Morricone’s soundtrack, who elevate  the gangster genre in this memorable fight between police and mafia bosses in 1930’s Chicago.






Le leggenda del pianista sull’oceano (1998) – Giuseppe Tornatore


This is not the first  successful collaboration between Morricone and Tornatore na dthis movie in 2000  won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score. The film is based on a book Novecento written by Alessandro Baricco. The soundtrack is made up of about thirty songs: it took Morricone a year to complete it . 



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