My E-book: Crash Italian for holidays!

Hi guys & welcome back to my blog!

Ladies & Gentlemen please let me introduce you my new project!

Crash Italian for Holidays
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My e-book:

Crash Italian for holidays

for all of you guys who have to go to Italy for holidays

You can stop to be worried you don’t know enough Italian for this year’s trip!


 Click here and take a look my e-book!


It’s time to feel independent, to start speaking Italian well enough to survive in Italy and avoid awkward situations!

This e-book is very useful for you because it’s a Crash Course that will give you the chance to boost your learning and be prepared in every kind of situation that could happen during your holidays.

It’s not  just about learning phrases or how to pronounce words.​



It’s about learning enough Italian to create deeper connections in a country you’ve fallen in love with.

 Click here and take a look my e-book!


It can be used also by people who don’t have to go to Italy but want to improve their Italian in an easy and fast way.

The e- book Crash Italian for Holidays is composed by seven modules: each module represents a situation that you could need to face once in Italy.

In each module you will find dialogues in Italian and then the translation in English. At the end of each dialogue there are grammar references, useful words, expressions and many exercises to help you focus on what’s most relevant for your trip.

You will have the chance to hear the dialogues through the podcasts in order to improve your listening and pronunciation skills

 Click here and take a look my e-book!

All these useful tools will give you the chance to be

more focused, more confident about understanding and speaking Italian and above all to be prepared to face every kind of situation in Italy!

What sections are included in the e-book


  •  At the Airport -Situations
  •  Ask for Directions
  •  At the Hotel – Situations
  •  At the restaurant
  •  Let’s go for shopping!
  •  How to introduce yourself
  • At the Museum
  • Podcasts
  • The Lovable Italian Grammar references and excercises


It’s a complete grammar reference to improve your Italian and to be ready for your Italian holidays!


So what are you waiting for?

Click here and buy my e-book! 

So that you can start to ENJOY ITALY AS ITALIANS DO! 


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