5 Italian New Year’s eve Tradition!

5 Italian New Year’s eve Tradition!

New year is celebrated all over the world, how do you celebrate it in your country? 

In this post I’ll tell you about 5 Italian new year’s eve tradition because you have to know, since we are very superstitious, we believe that doing these 5 traditional things we’ll be lucky all over next new year

  1. Eat Cotechino and Lentils at Midnight







…and yes, at midnight and not one minute before or after! 

Cotechino is a delicious,  fresh pork sausage sold pre-cooked. It is a symbol of wealth and richness 

Lenticchie (lentils) are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity in the coming year . They remind  gold coins, and represent the money that one will earn in the coming year. Needless to say, we strongly believe that the more you eat, the better  you’ll be financially!


2. Uva is a must






Our Italian dinner must conclude with grapes and dried fruit. It’s one of our traditions more ancient: during the past time people who were able to conserve grapes taken from the grape harvest had a very significan willpower, so eating grapes (uva) during the new year’s eve is the wish to be wise and frugal spender in the next year 

3. Red underwear





Red inderwear is worn by everybody that evening. The red color is the symbol of love, good fortune but also of fertility. In some regions in the past people used also to throw out the window their underwear but is no longer a tradition  


4 Out of the window!








At midnight start the fireworks! So everybody go outside their balcony to enjoy the view and some people still have the tradition (very ancient) to toss old personal items directly out of the window. This tradition is rarely practiced nowadays, but if you are in Italy and decide to take a walk at midnight …lookout!


5.Smash your plate!







Another traditional ritual is about smashing plates, glasses, vases and other pottery against the ground to drive away any bad omens tainting the coming year and to cancel  any negative auras , in order to start the new year in a thereby  fresh and optimistic way. Nowadays this ritual too has been vanished and only few people still use to do it

Which ritual do you have in your country? Write it in the comments below!

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