Italian Tradition: Lentils of Castelluccio

Lentils of Castelluccio represent a great Italian tradition

The famous lentils grow in the high plains of Castelluccio di Norcia –  at about 1.500 m (4,500 ft)  above sea level at the bottom of Monti Sibillini, located between the regions of the Marche and Umbria. They have small, round, flat seeds.

These Umbrian lentils are often striped and some in color between green to yellow to light brown. The lentils are usually sowed in the spring and then in July and August the plants are cut and dried in order to remove the seeds.

Castelluccio lentils are different than the other varieties available on the market: the climate and soil of Umbria contribute for sure to their thin skin and soft consistency. You can cook them, infact, without having soaked first.

I found this cute video of Italian Slow Tour on the web about the harvest time of Lentils of Castelluccio and I want to share it with you because this is a great Italian tradition and will help you to dive totally in Italian culture and lifestyle

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Lentils are quite a versatile ingredients and I love to use them in many soups and salads. In my opinion they are particularly good when topped with extra virgin olive oil or stewed with sausage or pork, a traditional Italian preparation New Year’s Eve dinner.

A cooperative of Italian farmers work together to produce these special lentils. In 1997, the lentils of Caselluccio received the IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) recognition. This is the great results of our made in Italy effort!


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