Italian Festivals, Food Fairs and Events in October

This is a check list for you! Italian Festival, Food fairs and events in October…do you need anything else?

October is the best month for Italian festivals, in particular  chestnuts, chocolate, olives, mushrooms and truffles… Prepare your luggages because here you’ll  find wine harvest celebrations and food festivals throughout the country.   Slow Food’s big International Food Event is in October and World Pasta Day is the fourth Sunday in October


Truffle Fairs in Italy: In October and November you can ejoy the biggest truffle festivals  held in Tuscany, Piedmont, Le Marche, Umbria, and Emilia Romagna. Some of the most famouse are:


Alba White Truffle Festival:  This festival is one of the biggest truffle festivals celebrated in Italy. It takes place during  weekends throughout the months of October and November in Alba, a city of  Piedmont 

National White Truffle Fair of San’Agata Feltria, Rimini. It take place each sunday of October 

The Truffle Festival in Tignale, on the Garda Lake, takes place each year between the end of September and the beginning of October.

In Gubbio there’s a 5 days event between the end of October and the beginning of November dedicated to the Umbrian truffle.  Don’t miss it!


October is really  great month for food festivals in Italy, especially in the region of Umbria, so if you’re planning to visit Italy you should come during this month for sure!


The Umbria Fall Food festival is widely celebrated, there are many small festivals around the region based  on products like chocolates, chestnuts and truffles. The festival is being celebrated in the region since 2006. Eurochocolate  is a paradise for chocolate lovers. It’s a big chocolate festival taking place in Perugia, the city popular for Baci Perugina chocolates, and this festival is celebrated in mid October.


Torrone Festival: Torrone (Italian nougat) was born in Cremona. There’s an article dated 25th October 1441 that shows that torrone was prepared for a marriage ceremony feast in Cremona. The famous wedding is enacted and you will find ample amount of torrone. The event takes place during the fourth weekend of October.

Sagra della Castagna: actually there are   many festivals dedicated to chestnuts in Italy, in October. One of the most ancient and famous is the Sagra della Castagna of Soriano, in Viterbo – Lazio, a few kilometers from  Rome. In southern Italy, is very famous the festival held in Summonte, near Avellino.



Another interesting event in October are:


Maschera di Ferro: a festival celebrated in the Piedmont region during the first weekend of October. Maschera di Ferro is  celebrated in the name of the legend of the man in the iron mask.

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