How to write a formal letter in Italian

Hi guys! Today we talk about business!!! In this post I’ll teach you how to write a formal letter in Italian!


Formal letters in Italian are used for matters of work and business. We could write to, for example: A public office or

a business department
the director of a company
some university department
a freelance professional

We don’t know the person to whom we are writing, so the language is very formal and we always use the “Lei” form

Let’s see together an example of a formal letter in Italian!

The recipeint: on the top right of the sheet insert the header, or the recipient details of the letter-mail

If we write to a company or a pubblic office , we will use the following formula:

Spett.le  + The name of the company “ → is the abbreviation of the word “Spettabile ” which means “respectable, esteemed”

For example : 

Spett.le Villa Italia

Via Roma 181 


In the next  line we write the name of the l person to whom the letter is addressed using the formula:

Alla cortese attenzione di …” + the name of the person

Before the name of the person we write also  his title, for example “Avv. (avvocato) which means lawyer ; Ing. (ingegnere) which means engineer ; Dott. (dottore) which means doctor. If we do not know the title we can use: “Sig. – Sig.ra  (signore – signora : Mr – Mrs)

For example

Spett.le Villa Italia

Via Roma 181 


Alla cortese attenzione del Sig. Esposito


Leave some blank lines and then you have to write

Oggetto: it is the object of your letter, so you have to write in few words 

For example 

Oggetto: Rif. Vs lettera del 01.10.2015

If applicable, the reference is used to refer to an older document with the date and protocol number

Then you can begin the body of the letter ,  leave a line after the object and begin to write a letter. You wil lwrite  directly to the person who will read it, using these formulas:

Egr. (egregio) – Gent.le (gentile) – Gent. mo (gentilissimo) – (gentilissima) + the tile of the person or a simple  Sig. – Sig.ra 

We continue with an introductory phrase that contextualizes our communication, there can be different, depending on the situation:


→ “In risposta alla Sua / Vostra letteramail” : “In response to your / your letter – email”  –  if it is a response to a previous communication

→ “Come da accordi“, “Come anticipato via telefono / mail / fax“:”As agreed”, “As anticipated by phone / mail / fax” – if you  had previously agreed on sending a letter – email

→ “In riferimento alla Sua / Vostra richiesta“:  “I refer to your / As far as your request” –  if it is responding to a request made earlier

→ “Con la presente si comunica quanto segue“: “I hereby state the following:”

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Conclusion: you can  conclude the letter with greetings like: 


→ “In attesa di un Vostro riscontro / di una Vostra risposta, resto a disposizione per eventuali chiarimenti, porgo

Distinti / Cordiali saluti“: Looking forward to your response , I’m available for any questions, Yours / Sincerely 

→ “Ringraziando per la cortese attenzione, colgo l’occasione per porgere i miei

Distinti / Cordiali saluti“: “Thanking you for your attention, I take this opportunity to extend my best regards

→ “Ringraziando anticipatamente per la disponibilità /collaborazione, porgo

Distinti / Cordiali saluti“: “Thanking you in advance for availability / collaboration, I offer my best regards



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