How to boost your Italian learning

In this video I’ll give you some suggestions to boost your Italian learning!

Hy guys! Italian is a beautiful language but not so easy to learn! Watch my video lesson and take pen and paper because I’ll give you suggestions that will help you to boost your Italian learning!

1st suggestion: choose an Italian mother tongue teacher or tutor! Many of you are studying Italian by yourself, it’s ok but remember that you’ll need a teacher or a tutor that can give you useful suggestions about the right path to follow to improve your learning skills!

2nd suggestion: write! Take a notebook  and write all new italian words you see. Write also the translation in your language so you can fix them in your mind

3rd suggestion: prick up your ears! listen to people who speak italian. You can listen to podcast or watch italian video lesson like mine. I always speak in Italian in my videos because it’s a good exercise ti improve your listening skills. For beginners can be difficult that’s why there are subtitles in english

4th suggestion: read, read, read! You can read newspaper on internet or blog about italian grammar, culture and  lifestyle like mine

5th suggestion: watch Italian movies! Beginners can watch them with subtitles in english but people with an advanced level don’t have to be lazy, they have to watch italian movies with italian subtitles! This is a useful exercise to improve comprehensions skills!

6th suggestion: meet italian friends! You can meet them on online communities! Start to chat with some Italian friends, you’ll learn idiomatic expressions that you won’t find on books!

7th suggestion: write me! book your free trial lesson with me, it’s for FREE! During your free trial lesson you can ask me suggestions about your learning path or to explain you some difficult rules or we can start to think together about your italain course with me on the basis of your needs!

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