5 things to know before dating Italian men

Get ready to discover 5 things before dating Italian men!

Hello my little dreamy eyes!

This time I’ll try to give you a kind of mini guide to let you know some important things before dating italian men! 

For all my littles curious bunnies interested in things to know before dating italian women click here to read my previous post. As I wrote in that post, dating could be a minefiled most of times, above all when there are obstacles such as  different cultures and traditions!

So wake up  my little girls and take pen and paper, you’ll thank me many many times…

1. Mamma son tanto felice… (Mom, I’m so happy…this is the beginning of Claudio Villa’s song, dedicated to moms! To listen to the song click here!)

I hate stereotypes, but the first thing that I have to tell you is : DON’T TOUCH THEIR MOM! Most of Italian men are definitely mama’s boys and most of them still live at home! So during the date don’t speak ill of their mom! Keep in mind that if the relationship develop you’ll be always the second love of his life, and his mom will be forever the best coocking woman all over the world.



2. First move is forbidden!

Do you want to date italian men? Don’t move any fingers, that’s the secret! This is something that probably works in Italy and in some other country in Europe but not overseas. Italian women don’t make a step in the man’s direction. If you have noticed an Italian man that you like, don’t move. Just look at him. Look at him and smile and then look at another guy. Few minutes later look at him again smiling.  

The hushed  rule is that the Italian man  has to move his butt and come to you… and they do it, believe me!   So be prepared to you share a glance with an Italian man, he will come to you and start flirting with you. He is the man, isn’t he?

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3. What are you looking at? 

This can be one of the question if you look at other guys while you’re dating Italian men. They can be possesive and jealous, so if you are looking for an easy going, care-free lover who will gladly accept that you want to be in an open relationship, you’re dating with the wrong guy.  He doesn’t  want to share you with anyone. They need to be at the centre of their women’s world. But don’t think Italian women are different. Truth is Italians love dramas, that’s why Italian men and women still fit perfectly because both love to get the other’s attention making a scene of jealousy. It’s part of the game.


4. You are the light of my life

Italian men love flirting. If it’s just a one day or night relationship or some weeks, he will love you, promise you the world, make you feel the princess of his world. Is that true? NO IT’S NOT …But this is part of their charm! Get prepared to receive more compliments in one hour that you have received during all your life. Don’t worry it’s tipycal of italian men, just let them showing you all their Casanova’s capabilities, but don’t laugh at their words!  You would hurt their feelings and their ego above all. Just let them be Italian! They will bring you looking at the sunset and will compare your smile to the first rising star.  After all, it’s what every woman would love to hear at least once in her lifetime, isn’t it?

5. Italian men= great lovers 

While dating italian men don’t be afraid you’re having an heart attack… it’s just your body not used to have all that emotions in one night!  It is not a secret that Italian men are great lovers, they are romantic and will definitely sweep you off your feet.

 You’ll have the chance to understand how expressive they are when it comes to emotions, and you should be prepared for a lot of touching and kissing. People not doing it are defined as cold. So, you can guess how it is when you date an Italian man. Forget not to take each other hand or not to have his arm or your shoulder while walking. Moreover, if you are loved by an Italian man, such as a hot sicilian guy, throw your inhibitions out of the door and get ready for a great time in the bedroom.  Italian men are very in tuned to our needs and desires and they will not leave any of that out when it comes to the bedroom.



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