5 things to know before dating an Italian woman


Hi guys! With this post I’ll teach you 5 things to know before dating an Italian woman!

Let’s say it: Italian women are very enchanting and challenging… every single man for once in his life dreamt to date with an Italian woman… but dating could be a minefiled most of times, above all when there are obstacles such as  different cultures and traditions! So this is a mini guide of do’s and don’ts for dating Italian women.


1) Dress to impress

Italian people always try to do “bella figura” ( you can read my post about it), that is looking good and don’t get any criticism. The first thing that an Italian woman would notice in you is how you dress. So don’t dress like you’re going to a basketball game or a bbq party! Just make sure it’s the right fit for that kind of situation and please, please, please try to avoid that over-sized clothes that are right only to stay at home! 



2) Impress her friends

The first test you’ll be submitted with an Italian woman (after the dress test of course) is her friends. Yes, you bet! She wants to see how you relate yourself with her friends and at the end of the evening she’ll ask them a sincere opinion on you. So get ready to talk to everyone! Be nice with them and ask them  suggestions about places to visit in Italy (they will love it) . It’s is absolutely forbidden to stare constantly into her eyes for the whole evening, it’s not a romantic stuff just weird for us!



3) Be a gentleman

In Italy chivalry is alive, yes it is! Italian women will adore if you open the door for them or if you stand when they leave the table. Always, and I repeat it, always get the bill on the first date. Many Italian women will try to pay the bill or they will ask to share it but, believe me, it’s a trap! And it will go against you later! If she complains (it’s a fake of course!) you can tell her that that it’s the least you could do for her having agreed to meet you, and thank her. Remeber, moreover, that compliments work. Italian women are used to receiving compliments and expect them, so you can start complimenting the outfit !

4) Don’t get  drunk

I know, I know… you’re nervous, you have 1000 thoughts and doubts in your mind before dating…so you think that alcohol will help you to be more relaxed. WRONG!  May be in other countries it’s not that so special, but if you date with an Italian woman and you get drunk, you’re out of games in five minutes!  You can enjoy a glass or two of wine but you should really stay away from hard stuff, she won’t like it and she won’t give you another chance.  

5) Take her some romantic place 

 Moonlight and mystery… remember these two words. She’s italian and she expect to date in a really nice, romantic place with good food. Try to avoid any fast food, and reserve in a restaurant with an intimate atmosphere where she can enjoy wine and you of course! No matter what she says, an Italian woman is an incurable romantic so be sure that during the date the moon will be one of the principle ingredients and  romance will certainly work in your favour!

So don’t be shy with italian women! They will love to have a date with you…if you follow my 5 suggestions!!!


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