10 places to visit in Sicily



This is a mini-guide to introduce you  10 places to visit in Sicily!

“Eternal meeting point between East and West, Africa and Europe, the gorgeous island of Sicily is a linchpin of Mediterranean culture and one of Europe’s most alluring destinations. ” – This is the way that Lonely Planet introduce our great Sicily. While you will be reading this post you’ll understand that Sicily is a great place and you’ll book as soon as possible your holidays in order to discover these 10 places to visit in Sicily…  

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Agrigento’s Valle dei Templi


Valle dei Templi is one  of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world ! It’s close to the city of Agrigento. They’re the ruins of the ancient city  of Akragas, founded by the Greeks in the 6th century B.C.

The archaeological site is enormous. It  includes Greek  remains and a large section of the Roman quarter, but the most  beautiful remains are Greek. Like the Temple of Concord and  the  stunning Temple of Juno.

You can also visit  the websites www.lavalledeitempli.it for more information

Ancient Greek theater of Taormina

teatro taormina


A real postcard from Italy: Taormina! You can have a  spectacular views of both the sea and Mount Etna. It’s famous  for another reason, too: its Greek theater. Built in the 3rd century B.C., it’s Sicily’s largest ancient theater. You can have the chance not only to visit a beautiful archeological site but also to enjoy a great stage for important musical performances, such as many operas and concerts.

You can also visit the website  www.taormina-arte.com for more information






Mussomeli Castle – Caltanissetta

mussomeli castle

Mussomeli Castle is a  masterpiece of 14th- and 15th-century  military  architecture.  It appears as an integral part of the rock  in isolation above the countryside of Caltanissetta

Once there you can’t miss the lofty cross-vaulted halls, the Barons’ Hall , the “Prison of Death”, where  condemned people were lowered through a trapdoor and drowned, and the Chapel, where there is a statue , “Our Lady of the Chain”, to whom  prisoners implored for grace.

You can visit the website  www.comunedimussomeli.it  for more information





Teatro Massimo  Bellini in Catania

teatro bellini catania

Catania could not make a  tribute to its most famous son, the composer Vincenzo Bellini. In 1890, 55 years after his death at age 34, with Norma, Bellini’s most famous work, Catania made its tribute.  That evening there  were all  nobles and ministers of the Kingdom. At the end of the representation also the common people could enter , to admire the beautiful theater .

With a guided tour you can visit the halland the gallery richly decorated. The ceiling is painted with images of Bellini and his most famous works: Norma, La Sonnambula, Puritans and The Pirate

You can also visit the website www.teatromassimobellini.it for more information





Sant’Agata Cathedral in Catania


The Cathedral of Sant’Agata has been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt after earthquakes and eruptions of Mount Etna.

The first construction dates back to 1070 but there are only some of that remains because everything else has been destroyed and rebuilt again. The facade is entirely made of Carrara marble and columns are  from the ancient Roman theater.  . Protected behind a gate there is the Chapel of St. Agatha with the chamber containing the relics.

You can also visit the website www.comune.catania.it for more information





Popular market of Palermo

vucciria palermo Palermo has markets that are places out of time, with  the charm of an ancient culture and its traditions.   The markets of Ballarò and Vucciria are the most visited, where you can find the colors and flavours of Palermo and the whole of Sicily. There other two interesting  markets that you cannot miss  : Capo and Borgo Vecchio which is also opened at night. 

www.comune.palermo.it for more information 


Etna excursion


Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe 

You can make one of the many tours offered by tour operators, agencies and individual guides.

You can visit the Valle del Bove, there are about 200 caves used since ancient times as a refuge, cemeteries and holy places. There are a lot of activities that you can do : excursions with the  jeep, hike,  or  ride with the Circumetnea Railway around  the volcano.



Medieval Castle  of Erice

erice castle

he Norman Castle in Erice is also known as the Venus Castle, because of  its origin as a temple of  the goddess of fertility.  In the 12th century, the Normans used the stones of the temple to build the castle, which was restored after a long period of decadence in the 19th century .

It’s open daily, with a small admission charge. Signs and a guide-map indicate the traces of the different stages of the site’s history, but the greatest sight is actually the stupendous view from the fortifications. You can see the sea, the coastline and the crags along with some of Erice’s other ruined fortifications.

www.fondazioneericearte.org/castellodivenere  it for more information 


Island of Ortigia – Siracusa


The island of Ortigia is the historical heart of Siracusa.

Walking through its alleys you’ll discover that much of the island’s charm lies in narrow medieval lanes with Baroque palaces and churches. Ortigia has many great places  to discover – one of them is the small Chiesa of San Martino, a simple and ancient church with a lovely interior, decorated with a mosaic in the apse.

www.ortigia.it for more information



Turkish staircase  – Agrigento

scala dei turchi

The “Turkish Staircase” is a  white limestone rock  molded by the weather and it has  a stunning beach.

The form that has  this natural monument is precisely of a staircase, where according to legend, during the Moorish invasions that raged in the ‘500, the Turks (erroneously so called) landed in the territory of today Realmonte climbing on stratifications of this cliff

The view is breathtaking and even if you don’t like to go to the beach it is worth coming out here. 

It is s about an hour drive  from Palermo and 15 minutes from Agrigento.  Once there it takes a short walk following the trail. The Turkish Staircase is since 2007 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.






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