Learn Italian vocabulary: At the restaurant

This post is dedicated to learn Italian vocabulary in a fast way, in particular all words and senteces related to the Italian restaurant

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Once you’re in Italy you’ll face many restaurant situations, so let’s see together useful words and sentences in order to learn Italian vocabulary about the restaurant!


How to order in an Italian restaurant

-Vorrei cominciare ad ordinare da bere: I’d like to order something to drink to start

-Cosa mi può suggerire? What could you reccomend?

-Qual è la specialità del giorno? What is the daily special?

-Qual è la zuppa del giorno? What is the daily soup?

-Vorrei iniziare con un antipasto – I’d like to start with an appetizer 

-Io prendo / Vorrei : I’ll have / I would like

– Primo Piatto / Secondo Piatto : First course / Second Course

– Contorno / Frutta / Dolce : Side dish / Fruit / Dessert

Let’s see together what you could find in an Italian Menù

-Acqua Naturale o frizzante: Natural or sparkling water

-Vino rosso, vino bianco , vino della casa: red wine, white wine, house wine

– La pasta, la zuppa, il riso: pasta, soup, rice

-La carne, il pesce: meat, fish

-Il maiale, il pollo, il manzo: pork, chicken, beef

-L’insalata, la verdura: salad, vegetables


How to ask for the bill

-Il conto, per favore: the bill, please

-Vorrei pagare per favore: I’d like to pay, please

-Posso pagare con la carta di credito? Can I pay by credit card


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