5 Reasons you should learn Italian with music


5 ReasonsHi guys! In this post I will give you 5 reasons you should learn Italian with music that will change your perspective!

Some of my students started the first lesson with me, in order to learn Italian, with the conviction  to start a kind of boring path, because some people think that language learning is simply made of grammar exercises and tedious memorization. Totally wrong! You can learn a new language, Italian in our case, also with music!

Lean Italian means also learn something more about its culture and lifestyle and that can happen in an easy way through music. Let’s see together my 5 reasons you should learn Italian with music!

1It’s fun!

While listening to the music there’s a different part of your brain working than when you simply try to memorize something. If you enjoy the song you are listening to, you begin to associate foreign vocabulary words with feelings of pleasure and enjoyment. Music gives you the chance to deal with Italian in a playful way.

 2.It will boost your pronunciation

Start listening Italian music, and try to sing the Italian songs! Singing Italian music, under the shower, in the car…(alone!!!) will let you improve your pronunciation because you naturally will try to imitate the accent of your favorite Italian singer and day by day you’ll improve your pronunciation in an easy way

 3.You can improve your listening skills

Singers usually sing in a slow way, much slower than they would talk in a normal conversation. Of course this isn’t true for hip hop singers…it’s difficult to understand what they say also for Italian people! Some verses and above all the chorus is repeated in the song and this will be very useful for your comprehension

 4.You can improve your reading skills too

The first time you hear a song, it’s difficult to understand the meaning, let’s say it. This is true above all for beginners. So, don’t be scared! Don’t panic! You still can use your google  + youtube superpower! You can easily find the text on the web and start to read it, or you can find a video on which there is text while playing the music so you can do a kind of Karaoke, reading and singing the song! In this way you will improve also your reading skills with some enjoyable efforts

5.No stress vocabulary learning

You can learn Italian idioms and everyday life expressions through music. Moreover, each time you’ll read or listen to a new word you’ll be curious about it. So you’ll  look for its meaning and boost your vocabulary with no stress!


Music will break all barriers and all difficulties you could meet during your learning path, it is an aspect of culture that simply cannot and should not be ignored while learning a new language. It is a great tool to improve your Italian learning.

Do you have a favourite Italian singer or a favourite Italian song? Leave be your comments below !

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