10 Italian food Idioms

italian food idioms-learnitaliawithme.itToday  I’ll  teach you 10 Italian food idioms  to let you understand better the Italian language which  is the reflection of its culture!

The importance we give to the food is reflected in our everyday expressions.

When we don’t understand someone who is talking to us we use to say:Parla come mangi !  (speak as you eat) 


With this post you’ll learn new words and, above all, with these 10 Italian food idioms you will understand how much the food is important to us


Rendere pan per focaccia
Literal translation: To give back bread for flat bread
What it means: it is used metaphorically to pay somebody  back with their own coin

Liscio come l’olio
Literal translation: smooth as oil
What it means: there are no problems, everything is fine

Sei sempre in mezzo come il prezzemolo
Literal translation: You are always in the way like parsley (referring to the common use  of parsley in Italian recipes!)
What it means: You interfere  in situations that are not your own

E’ dolce come lo zucchero
Literal translation: It’s as sweet as sugar
What it means: used for people very kind and sweet

Avere il prosciutto sugli occhi
Literal translation: To have ham on eyes
What it means: To be unable to see the situation as it is, to be unable to accept the  truth


Avere le mani di pastafrolla
Literal translation: To have short pastry hands
What it means: to be clumsy, clod, and drop things from hands

Acqua in bocca
Literal translation: water in mouth
What it means: we use it when we want someone to keep our secret without telling anyone

La ciliegina sulla torta
Literal translation: To put the cherry on top of the cake
What it means: something that ends worthily a series of events , can be used also ironically

Essere in un bel pasticcio
Literal translation: to be in a nice pie
What it means: This expression is equivalent to be in a great pickle

Qualcosa bolle in pentola
Literal translation: something boils in a saucepan
What it means: You use this expression to indicate that something’s up, something is about to happen



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