Learn Italian online with Hi Native!

HiNative1       Hello people!  I want to introduce you a simple and fast way to learn Italian online

                                                         In the post of today you’ll find my review about

                                                         the website and the app: Hi Native


hi native


It is  a global Q&A platform where you can ask native speakers any language and culture questions. It gives you the chance to get answers from real people  all over the world.

You can find the website on this link: https://hinative.com

While learning languages, people will often come up with seemingly awkward questions on various things.

No matter how many Italian friends you have, it is sometimes bothering to ask them if a specific usage or grammar rule is correct or not, and of course you can not  interrupt them during the real conversation.


In such situations, if you have “HiNative” on your phone or tablet, you can freely ask questions without imposing on your friends


hi native 2 

How does it works?


The interface is fairly simple!  If you want to know an answer to a question, you can just hit the ask button.

You’ll be provided various question formats as follows:

・How do you say this?
・Does this sound natural?
・What’s the difference?
・Free question
・Show example sentences with…
・What does this mean




Plus, you can record your voice and post it on HiNative, you even can sing and let them evaluate how well it is

You can use this tool even if you have no clue of the language! While waiting for someone to answer your questions
You can answer questions of other people!

I used it and in my opinion is a very great idea. You can easily understand how it works and is definitely  a useful tool to improve your Italian!



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