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With the post of today I want to teach you some Italian tongue-twisters

The Italian tongue-twister is called in Italian: SCIOGLILINGUA that literally means: melting tongue


It is a phrase designed on purpose to be difficult to be pronounced.
Tongue-twisters are often used as an exercise to develop an agile and fluent diction

They are very funny because people often cannot pronounce them very well and it’s hilarious when they say it wrong

Ready to read them?  You should try to read them in a fast way…try and try again, don’t give up!




Sotto la panca la capra campa sopra la panca la capra crepa.
Under the bench the goat lives, on the bench the goat dies.


Per te il prete perse trenta denti dentro un antro.
For you the priest lost thirty teeth inside a cave.

Apelle figlio di Apollo fece una palle di pelle di pollo e tutti i pesci vennero a galla a vedere la palla di pelle di pollo fatta d’Apelle figlio di Apollo

 Apelle, son of Apollo, made a ball of chicken skin and all the fish came to the surface to see the ball of chicken skin made by Apelle, son of Apollo


Tre tigri contro tre tigri, tre tigri contro tre tigri 
Three tigers against three tigers 



Trentatre Trentini entrarono a Trento—tutti e trentatre trotterellando!
Thirty three people from Trentino enter (the town of) Trento—all thirty three are trotting!


Chi troppo in alto sal, cade sovente – precipitevolissimevolmente.

He who goes up too high, often falls – very, very, very fast (plummeting).

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