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Let’s say it: Italian is a beautiful language!

My Italian lessons for beginners will let you  totally dive in our great language!




Because of the purity of its vowels, Italian is the first language in which opera singers learn to sing.

It’s also an incredibly romantic  language to speak, full of expressive hand gestures and colorful phrases. 

 With the post of today, and with my Italian lessons for beginners, I want to teach you the commonly used (and useful!) Italian  expressions  in everyday life conversations



Che casino! – What a mess!

Non ne posso più!  – I can’t take it anymore!

Non c’entra – that’s irrelevant

Lasciamo perdere!  – Forget about it!

Che bello! –  How nice!

Per forza! –  No wonder!

Non è così semplice! –  It’s not that easy!

Chissà?  – Who knows?

Ti fanno cadere le braccia !  – They make you pay too much!

Non vedo l’ora di... –  I can’t wait to…

Siamo messi male  – We are in bad shape. (mentally)

Che senso ha?  – What’s the point?

Magari! –  I wish!

Non ne voglio proprio sapere! –  I really don’t want to know about it!

Fai bene!  – Good for you!

Non ce la faccio da solo!  – I can’t do it by myself!

Meglio ancora!  – Even better!

Che ne dici di … ? –  What about … ? (when inviting someone to do something)

Figurati!  – Don’t mention it! / No problem! (informal)

Accidenti (a te)! / Mannaggia!  – Darn (you)!

Uffa! / Che rabbia!  – What a nuisance!

Che peccato!  – What a pity!

Mi va di… –  I feel like…

Te la cavi bene  – You manage it well


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