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With the post of today I want to talk to you about our traditional Italian Aperitivo!





The word Aperitivo derives  from Latin: Aperitivus or Aperire, that  means  to open… and it can been translated with “to start” or “Open your stomach before the meal”!


Italian Aperitivo is a ritual among friends, who usually meet after work in order to have some drinks around 7- 9 pm with some snacks and to  wind down the day with a little mindless chatter. It gives you a chance to socialize, relax, and nibble as dinner approaches .

It is the Italian version of Happy hour , and even if there are many Italian bar advertising “Happy hour”  it is different from the US version. Happy Hour in the U.S. is based on drink “discount” .


Infact  drinks and appetizers are usually discounted. In Italy they are not discounted and what is offered with your aperitivo drink really depends on the bar:


aperitivo 2

The classic offering consists of some olives and potato chips, while some aperitivo are prepared with pizza’s little pieces , fruit salads, pasta, cold cuts like prosciutto and mortadella, and even fresh mozzarella in some bars!




Aperitivo drinks are divided into two categories: analcolici (non-alcoholic ) and  alcolici (alcoholic). Analcolici drinks can range from delicious fruit juice cocktails (aperitivo analcolico alla frutta ) to a non-alcoholic bitter like Sanbitter.

As far as  the “traditional” aperitivo drinks based on bitter alcohols like Campari and Aperol , you can find the Americano, the Spritz, and the Negroni.






Nowadays in Italy you can find in many squares  some original 70’s Ape Piaggio transformed in mobile bar that offer you a funny and original aperitivo. 

What do you think about the Italian Aperitivo and which is your favourite drink?

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