5 Things to do in Verona

verona altoVerona is a splendid city of art, surrounded by the traces of its ancient history, and straddling the Adige river in Veneto, north of Italy


Roman ruins, medieval vestiges, all traces that can be seen across the city, as well as antique palaces, squares, bridges and wonderful churches.

It is called the “Gateway to Italy”, because it anticipates to those, coming from the north, the face, the beauty, the heart of our country.

Three of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Verona:  Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew.


The city has been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture


With the post of today I want to suggest you 5 things to do in Verona


arenaEnjoy the history and the great Arena

The Roman Amphitheatre,  known by the name of “Arena”, is the symbol that makes Verona famous worldwide.

Probably built around the first century, the Arena, like all the amphiteatres, hosted the shows of gladiators.


Today is a great stage for important musical performances, such as many operas and concerts.  



balcone giuliettaDive into Romeo & Juliet tragedy with the House of Juliet

In Verona took place the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet that William Shakespeare immortalized.

In a building of the 13th  century in the old town, people of Verona recognized the house of Capulet through some landmarks: so the legend is bound to reality

Juliet’s house is a must for those who want to relive that love thwarted. All people that go visiting the House of Juliet have to follow also an Italian tradition: they have to touch the Julietta’s statues boops in order to be lucky.



Visit Castelvecchio & Scaligero Bridge

 Castelvecchio (which is a castle) and its splendid fortified bridge are a military monument of Scaligera’s Signoria.



The Castle was built to have fortress against possible rebellions of the population since there were fights within the family Scaligera.

The bridge, was built to assure an escape to the countryside.  Made  of three arches, the bridge survived for five centuries, until the Germans destroyed it in 1945. In 1951 the bridge has been rebuilt, while the castle became the seat of the Civic Museum


night veronaTake a walk during the night

Nightlife in Verona focuses on bars and taverns of the main squares, Piazza delle Erbe is the most popular, as well as the pleasant area of Riverside.

So you can take a nice walk in the old town and choose in which bar or tavern you can enjoy your evening

And if you are looking for something more exciting, then you can stop in one of the many cafes in the area to listen to live music



pearàTaste Verona’s culinary art

Verona’s culinary tradition offers several dishes that you can enjoy


I suggest  you to taste the first course “paparele”, tagliatelle  with peas and beans and as main course  “pearà”, boiled beef with bread sauce or   the “pastisada de caval”, stewed horsemeat

 Don’t forget that Verona is the first Italian province for the production of DOC wines, so you won’t  miss some good wines such as the Amarone and Bardolino


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