Learning Italian: Tips & Tricks


Learning Italian is amazing but not so easy !

With this post I will give you some suggestions and explain  that learning Italian  will take a lot of willpower by your side,  but it will worth all your effort!

I wrote this post for my friend www.flashsticks.com and then I decided to post it on my blog too, so that you can have some suggestions that will help you to learn Italian language in a fast and funny way


* Write! Take a notebook and a pen and write each new Italian words you see. I know, It’s old school, but the more you write the more you remember


* Prick up your ears: One of the key skills in Italian language acquisition is comprehending the spoken language so download podcasts, listen to the Italian radio or go on youtube where you can find many people talking in Italian and many Italian lessons video


* Take an Italian language class To speak Italian correctly you’ll need to know its grammar rules, so choose to take an Italian class with a mother tongue teacher that can explain you grammar and give you all the assistance you need


* Read it, stick it, remember it!  Buy flashsticks and put a post-it note with the Italian name on objects, such asla sedia (the chair ) orlo specchio (the mirror), around your home. Don’t remove one until you’ve memorized the new word.


* Read, read, read!!! There are many on line newspapers on the web and Italian language blogs. Choose some of them and try to read them each day. It will help you to dive into our culture and lifestyle but also to learn each day new Italian words



* Watch Italian movies Watch some Italian film such as  La dolce vita with subtitles in English. So you’ll be able to follow the rhythm of Italian language and understand the meaning


* Sing an Italian song! Look for Italian songs on YouTube with subtitles and don’t be afraid to sing even if you will sing out of tune! Singing Italian songs will let you learn new words and improve your pronunciation.


* Play games Learn Italian language doesn’t have to be boring, moreover Italian words games such as cruciverba (crosswords),enigmi (puzzles) will help you to improve your vocabulary  


* Spend time in Italy Save your money and come in Italy for once in your life! You’ll totally dive yourself in our culture and lifestyle .


* Italian friendship! Look for Italian friends on the web. There are many communities on line of Italian language exchange. Start to chat with some Italian friends it will help you to learn some Italian slang and expressions!


* Learnitalianwithme.it  Follow me on my blog and YouTube channel where I’ll post a new Italian lesson video each week!


So never give up, study hard and you’ll

Enjoy Italy as Italians Do!



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