Italian Grammar : Part of speech| Nouns!


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In Italian grammar the part of the speech is very important. 

  This post about the Italian grammar is for beginners so we’ll start from the NOUN!

NOUNS are words that name and designate people, things, places

 These are some examples of nouns:

compagno, cane, erba, pallone, cioccolato, libro, macchina, sole, giorno, malattia, Italia, libertà, fame, amicizia, matematica



It is possible to classify nouns in several ways:

Nouns indicate

a person, animal or thing in general. In this case they are called common names and are written with the first letter lowercase

città, ragazzo, fiume, gatto, canarino

a person, animal or thing in a particular way that distinguishes it; in this way it iswritten with an initial capital letter

Torino, Francesco, Po, Ulisse

Nouns indicate also:

a person, an animal or a real thing,thatyou may see, or hear, or touch; in this case they are called concrete nouns

casa, tavolo, mamma, amico, sole, patata, ossigeno

ideas, concepts, thoughts, feelings called abstact nouns

allegria, amicizia, velocità, paura,vecchiaia

one person or one thing; in this case they are called individual nouns

studente, ladro, pecora, soldato, stella, isola

a cluster, a group of persons or things; inthis case they are called collective nouns

classe, banda, gregge -group of sheep esercito, costellazione – group of stars ,arcipelago- group of islands

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