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How do you have breakfast in your country? Breakfast is my favorite meal because I’m a coffeeholic (!?), so it makes my day!

What is your favorite meal of the day?

The video below belongs to my I COOK ITALIAN COURSE and in this video I will show you how we have breakfast in Italy

So you will have the chance to familiarize with the Italian words related to this situation and Italian cooking in general

There isn’t a unique way to have breakfast and I will show you 4 ways which are the most used way by me and my family

  Make yourself comfortable and pay attention to the comprehension

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Grammar rule: In Italian we use to say FARE COLAZIONE. (TO HAVE BREAKFAST)

So we use the verb TO DO: FARE

You can download my Free Grammar Reference and take a look at the Verb Conjugation:  FARE – TO DO


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