Learning Italian free of charge: “How to Introduce yourself”

500-learnitalianwithme.itLearning Italian free of charge? 

You’re in the right website! With my  video lessons, learning Italian free of charge it’s possible now!

Take a look at my video lesson of today and start to learn Italian with me!

-Ciao! Io sono Luana, ho 29 anni (of course!?!) e vivo a Napoli. And you?

How do you introduce yourself in italian?

The video below belongs to my Italian Language Course and in this video

I will teach you how to introduce yourself in Italian

using both formal and informal way + I will show you also the various types of greetings


The video is entirely in Italian, so you can practice the listening, but there will be subtitles to simplify your understanding.

 Make yourself comfortable and pay attention to the comprehension!

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Take a look at this verb conjugation: 

Chiamarsi EssereAvere
 Io mi chiamo (my name is) Tu ti chiami (your name is) Lui/Lei si chiama (his/her name is) Io sono (I am) Tu sei  (you are) Lui/Lei è (he/she is) Io ho  (i have) Tu hai  (you have) Lui /Lei ha (he/she has)



I saluti in Italiano- Italian Greetings

Prima – BeforeDopo – After
Ciao                Hi/HelloBuongiorno   GoodmornigBuonasera    GoodnightSalve            Hi/HelloArrivederci       GoodbyeA dopo                     See you laterA domani        See you tomorrowA presto         See you soon








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