Learning Italian with me…I made it, finally!

Learning Italian with me…finally!


Hi Guys and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Luana and I will teach you Italian in the best way that suites your needs and capabilities. Learning Italian with me will be funny and it will worth all your time!


 But first let me introduce myself. I’m Luana Lerro


 *** And I can’t believe I finally realized my dream ***

 I’m Italian, a teacher, a seeker

Passionate about travels and different cultures and above all I’m in love with my country!

 I have travelled and lived in many countries but the deep connection with my roots have always taken me back to Italy. So I decided to combine

 the love for my country with my passion for teaching

 My aim is to teach you Italian with all its shades and help you to discover the beauty of the Italian language, its culture and lifestyle.

 ***And I’m thrilled to share my passion and love with you***

 Wherever you are in the world you can follow my Italian language courses on skype whenever you want

Watch the video and follow me  on my youtube channel where each week I’ll post a new video about the topics of my courses

 Book your free trial lesson with me and start to



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