Learning Italian: How do you say PEPERONI?

HOW DO YOU SAY PEPERONIWhat about Learning Italian with some PEPERONI?

With this Italian lesson video, learning Italian can be funny and interesting!



Do you like pizza? I love it!

And do you prefer pizza with PEPERONI or with PEPPERONI?

The video below belongs to my Quick Pronunciation Course and in this video

I will teach you how to pronounce correctly the word PEPERONE

 PEPERONE  is for singular, while for plural it is PEPERONI

I have often heard from foreigner people and also from my foreigner students to pronounce the word in a wrong way.

So watch the video in order to understand how to pronounce it in a correct way and tell me: how do you say PEPERONI?

 Make yourself comfortable and pay attention to the comprehension!!!


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